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How to use touchlink for wavlink Wi-Fi router or just make it Wi-Fi password-free?

Ever found yourself in a situation where you are stuck entering your Wi-Fi password in the smartphones of your guests? Trust us, we’ve been there too!

While it is a prudent idea to set long passwords for your wi-fi network, what’s challenging is remembering them. Add a second router to the scene, and you are done already. Moreover, if you have friends/ guests/ family visiting you, typing a long password on their phones can become frustrating. Even more annoying is when you have over 20 people visiting you for that party you hosted.

The design of all the routers you have is so user-unfriendly then. If you were wondering if there were routers that get connected without having to enter a password, the Touchlink series by Wavlink is something you should know about.

What is Touchlink?

Touchlink is a technology developed and patented by Wavlink. This technology can be applied to routers and facilitates single-touch internet connection to other devices. Being an access-control technology, it also prevents unauthorized access to your network. You can set a time duration for each guest device after which they won’t be able to access the internet, thus preventing your network from being cracked.

How to use Touchlink in your Wavlink Wi-Fi router?

There are no steps you can follow as such. However, there is a sequence you’ll need to stick to.

  • You just need to touch the sensing area which will trigger the LED light to flash.
  • This is the time when you click the “Touch” SSID in your device’s Wireless Settings.
  • The device will automatically connect to the network the moment you click on the same. You can also connect other satellites with the router.

Yes, it’s that simple.

If you are unable to connect to the network using Touchlink, you should consider restarting the device and connecting to it again. Once you are connected, you’ll see the LED light glow up indicating a successful internet connection.

Need more help with using Touchlink in your Wavlink router? Reach out to the expert team now.

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